A Simple Spell to Stop TrumpCare

A SpellTo Stop TrumpcareNow that the Senate has forced a debate on the ACA repeal, we may only have a few days to stop Republicans from stripping up to 32 million Americans of their healthcare. (For those of you who vote Republican, consider this an invitation to think deeply about what your party has become. Is this really what you had in mind when you registered to vote? Might this be an opportunity for you to help bring the party back from the brink?) In addition to calling your senators, hitting the streets, and taking action in other ways–see, for example, Indivisible’s new tool for people in blue states–here’s a simple spell to help stop TrumpCare from becoming a reality.

You’ll need:

-A piece of paper
-A jar
-pins, nails, or other sharp things
-Noxious substances (bleach, urine, rancid food, etc. ETA: Please check for chemical interactions before mixing any substances together. You want to poison the bill, not yourself.)
-Painful or forceful substances (Cayenne pepper, blackthorn, etc.)

This spell is a modified witch’s bottle. Technically we’re trying to banish the bill, but since the moon is waxing and we don’t have much time, the focus of this spell will be increasing the backlash and negative consequences for trying to push through the repeal. We’re aiming to make it so toxic that Republicans lose any incentive to keep fighting for it.


Start by writing “TrumpCare,” “ACA Repeal,” or any other description of the bill that resonates with you on the piece of paper. Put it at the bottom of the jar.

Next, take some of each ingredient you’ve gathered and drop it into the jar on top of the paper. Make sure the words are covered completely. Imagine the bill and its proponents being smothered under noxious elements. If you’re feeling rage or courage or fierceness, pour that in.

As the situation develops, keep adding ingredients to the jar. You can add them once a day if you like. You can add them every time (powers forbid) the bill clears another hurtle. Keep adding them until the bill dies or the jar is full. If you fill it, set it aside and start another. If we win this battle, empty the jar and burn or bury its contents. Of course I don’t have to remind you to be careful when handling harmful substances.

Please share this spell widely so that we can combine our power. Or if you don’t share it, at least perform the spell. Or if you don’t perform the spell, work some kind of magic and take some kind of action. Your life may well depend on it.

Cross-posted at Pagansquare.com.


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