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“My reading was very helpful and spot on. It stated exactly what I needed to hear. Also which path I need to follow….I am extremely satisfied and appreciate the time she spent doing my reading she seems to be really passionate and caring about her work.”

“[The reading] was perfect as i got a step by step understanding of how to go about the problem and find a solution”

I work deeply with my clients to make sure my readings are eye-opening, clarifying, and inspiring. A reading can reveal the factors at play in your situation, showing you anything from a quick snapshot to a detailed portrait. Tarot shines a light on what might be hidden or overlooked, allowing you to move forward with new insight and confidence.

Due to space constraints, I’m currently only offering readings via Zoom or Google Meet. You can email me to inquire about booking a reading.

Please note!
Tarot should never be used as a substitute for medical, legal, or other types of professional advice. The focus of each reading is you and your situation, so I will only ask the cards for insight about third parties with regards to their relationship to you. In other words, I do not use the cards to spy or gossip. I reserve the right to decline to read for anyone, for any reason.

The cards will never tell you exactly what to do. Rather, the reading will clarify your situation so that you can make your own informed decisions.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Half-Hour reading


Want a detailed, well-rounded portrait of your situation? Half-hour readings can tease out the nuances to help you move forward.

Half-hour readings are $45.

Hourlong Reading


Hourlong readings are great for big transitions or major life events. You can also bring a friend and split the session between the two of you.

Hourlong readings are $95.


I offer guided cleansing rituals and spellwork to help you accomplish your goals. For more details, click on the booking links below.


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Please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within one business day to schedule your reading. I look forward to working with you!

Email Reading Form

“Your reading really helped me, I just wanted to let you know….Very satisfied, thank you very much.” Fill out the form below, send payment by Paypal or Venmo to asawestwitch @ gmail com and I’ll respond within 2 business days. Please include as much detail about your situation as possible. Open-ended questions (think “who, what, … Continue reading Email Reading Form

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