“The reading makes me think about the problem at hand in a different light. It is making me think thoroughly about a couple issues that are currently happening….I’m impressed with my reading honestly. It was exactly what I needed some advice on from the tarot.” -Amy

“Very very accurate. It has confirmed my thoughts and feelings….very satisfied.” -Stella

“Your reading really helped me, I just wanted to let you know….Very satisfied, thank you very much.” -Tyler

“Yours is spot on….I’m very satisfied” -Shanmuga

“[The reading] was perfect as i got a step by step understanding of how to go about the problem and find a solution” -Naina

“Thank-you so much for this reading. It has certainly helped me to stay positive about this long distance relationship. I know that I also have to be realistic and remember that we might not like each other when we meet in real life….I think this reading was perfect.” -Vanessa

“Asa was very friendly, explained all the cards very well, and then in the context of what it meant in my situation. Very satisfied and would have a reading with her again” -Kristen

“I am really satisfied, she has answered all of my questions very methodically and explained everything very well. She has really given me a boost of inspiration and excitement for what the future may hold. thank you so much Asa!” -Chyrall

“my reading was spot-on and I am very grateful for the insights Asa has given me. 100% happy.” -Alison

“My reading was very helpful and spot on. It stated exactly what I needed to hear. Also which path I need to follow….I am extremely satisfied and appreciate the time she spent doing my reading she seems to be really passionate and caring about her work.” -Christina

“got clarity from her and i think i should take on her advice.” -Cynthia