About Asa

glassman professional portraitI first started reading cards over 20 years ago, when I found my mother’s old tarot deck in a closet. Since then, I’ve grown fluent in several divination methods, including the Tarot of Marseille, bone casting, dream interpretation, and scrying.

My skill in divination has been honed by my training in Reclaiming Tradition witchcraft and British traditional witchcraft. I am a practicing pellar and traditional witch, and I work with spirits of place, ancestors, and my familiars to serve clients and the land. I serve as a priestess at Reclaiming Los Angeles’s public rituals, and I love California native gardening, fiber arts, cottage herbalism, and playing with my daughters.

In addition to my blog here on my personal site, I also write for Pagan Square, and my writing on tarot and witchcraft has appeared in Luna Luna MagazineWitches and Pagans Magazine, Elephant Journal, Gods and Radicals, and other outlets.

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