About Asa

glassman professional portraitI first started reading cards over 20 years ago, when I found my mother’s old tarot deck in a closet. Since then, I’ve grown fluent in several divination methods, including the Tarot of Marseille, bone casting, dream interpretation, and scrying.

Along with card reading, I practice traditional pellar craft (a form of British folk magic) and hone my skills as a cottage herbalist. I sometimes priestess public rituals for Reclaiming Los Angeles, and I love California native gardening, fiber arts, and playing with my daughters.

I’m a Capricorn to the core, so my readings emphasize concrete, practical steps you can take to fix a difficult situation or choose a productive path.

In addition to my blog here on my personal site, I also write for Pagan Square, and my writing on tarot and witchcraft has appeared in Luna Luna MagazineWitches and Pagans Magazine, Elephant Journal, Gods and Radicals, and other outlets.

Book a reading with me or check out my writing!


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